Client Recommendations & Connecting To Them What to use and how to use it


For Linux/Windows desktop email clients, I recommend Thunderbird with Enigmail or aerc. They're both open source but fit different situations; if you want a GUI and/or security is your main concern, use Thunderbird and encrypt all of your emails with your GPG key. If you're looking for a console client and encryption isn't as important but you do a lot of work with Git, aerc might be the better option.

For mobile clients on Android, the only one I can really recommend is K-9 Mail. It's open source, has a number of nice privacy features, and is available in F-Droid as well as Google Play.

I don't know much about iOS or macOS but I've heard that Apple Mail is really the best choice.

Connecting to NixNet Mail

Regardless which email client you use, you'll need to know the following information.

Alternatively, if you would like to download your emails and delete them from the server, you can also use the POP3 protocol: